Here are the cars that belonged to the scrapyard.

The ’90s have definitely been a big-time for the automotive industry. But like any other decade, the 90’s also had drawbacks due to its rotten designs that had come out. A good number of designs were either poorly designed or just had no purpose on a showroom floor. While the ’90s were a fruitful decade for a lot of the automotive industry, there are quite a few cars we really need to question.

Either the design too extreme that the car just didn’t allude to the crowds. The automaker in the 90’s vanished due to the popularity of the full – size SUV. A lot of commuter cars fell to the pavement. Here are the cars that we’ll look at are some of the most unexciting cars of the decades. Read on to know more.


The Esteem admiration hit the market at a time when Suzuki was known for the Samurai  SUV. The Esteem came in a sedan and wagon form and was designed to be an affordable offering. The car was small by any stretch of the imagination; however, Suzuki survived to sell a decent amount. But there was an issue with Reliability as the Esteem fixes were costly. 


The Probe started off with, as it had a lot of perspective as a V6 – powered sports car that’s different than the Mustang. Ford was not expecting the Probe that would end up shelling. There just wasn’t room in the lineup for two sports cars. Not everything about Probe has bad feedbacks, in fact, the second generation of the car was quite stylish. However, the Mustang demands presence in Ford showrooms, and the Probe just couldn’t beat it.

Pontiac Sunfire

This Pontiac Sunfire has been the tiny car that didn’t have a strong footing in the Pontiac lineup. Pontiac was supposed to be the brand of enthusiasm, but the Sunfire was even more exciting. The Sunfire was a lackluster and barebones offering. Even the GT version really couldn’t get it in motion.


The Cougar XR7 had given a remarkable performance package that had graces Mercury’s Cougar for some time now. While the engine interior of the ‘90s XR7 was an excellent choice, the issue put down with the design based on the dated Thunderbird. Except for a squared-off back portion, you really couldn’t tell that the car is unique.


This hottie was well known as the compact car that was sold throughout the ’90s. It was the cheapest car, which was the delight of the fleetest organizations for the decade. Celebrity was low-priced to run and even cheaper to get it repaired. The absolute build quality of the Celebrity was laughable at best. Interior fittings consistently fell off during the proprietorship of the car. This kind of car came in several body styles, with the most common being the Sedan.