The vintage cars are still loved by contemporary users.

The ’70s have been fascinating times in the automotive in the past. In Spite Of the oil crisis that shook the foundations of the car industry, yet the market grew.

Many car manufacturers showcase a number of new and exciting models. Although most of them forgotten, some are still popular. Read on below to know more about the 70’s motoring icons.


Mercedes presented the SL R107 in 1971. Soon, it developed an enormously popular rag top and, eventually, a classic cult car. For a long time, it was a symbol of success, wealth, and sophistication.

Also, the design, stature, and powerful engines, this Benz is also iconic for its exceptionally – high-level built excellence. 


Here is Lamborghini Countach, which is known as the most famous supercar of its day. For most to the drivers, it has been the most popular poster ca on every kid’s wall in the 70s and 80s

The car came into existence in the year 1974 as a concept car; it soon became an emblem for the wealthy playboys of the day. It was notoriously hard to drive and cramped inside, but nonetheless, it became a renowned car.


Though the Pontiac Firebird has been on the market since 1967, the late ’70s model is the most iconic. That’s due to the “screaming chicken” graphics on the hood. This car also made the advent of the famous Smokey and The Bandit movie featuring Burt Reynolds.

We are thankful for this film that everybody chose to grow a mustache and drive across the country in this post – muscle car – era icon.


The Cardiallace introduce this last big Eldorado in the year 1976 with an enormous 500 – cubic inch engine and front-wheel drive. It was the last of the big Caddies, so most people remember it as a high benchmark for the classic American automobile industry. It has been the last Cadillac convertible for a long time.


The Pacer is a car that drivers combinedly love and hate, but its legendary outlook is recognizable. The Pacer was AMC’s effort to produce a compact car. Though, it turned out to be less efficient than its competitors in the market as it came up with numerous flaws. Just after Gremlin, AMC envisioned the Pacer to be bigger and sophisticated, but its design was deterring. The front look was beautiful, and the silhouette was egg-shaped, which was bizarre and unnoticed at the time.    


Buick introduced Riviera originally back in the year 1963. But it wasn’t until 1971 that the Riviera became a design classic, it was introduced as the “boat tail” design. Even though it was in production for just three years, the Buick Riviera left a huge mark on the industry with its extraordinary yet fashionable look.


Post decades of producing the venerable Beetle, VW decided to launch a modern compact hatchback. And soon they built a revolution with the Golf, or Rabbit as they called it in the USA.

It had a simple design and built very greatly, and its affordable engines were an instant recipe for success. In actuality, the MK1 Golf was so influential; it initiated a whole new marketing segment in the automotive industry.