Totally futile 20 automobiles

Every producer wants to showcase something new, fresh, and innovative. It seems as it is far better to be smart than to compete with Ferrari or Mercedes, who develop cars with more horsepower and luxury options. People who buy cars are mostly rewarder ingenious concept cars that brought fresh air to the dull offering of mainstream brands. However, often those views may look great on paper, yet fail to capture the imagination of millions.

Here are the few cars that are left out without buyers, and it happens almost every day in the car industry. It is risky for most of the firms that are willing to take. So, here are few preposterous cars that have missed the spot completely; they have become the snickering stock of the industry and car buyers. Read on to know more the cars that have been trying to be cool, groundbreaking, but failed miserably.


We all are aware The Range Rover Convertible is a rare car in today’s market because it’s the only convertible SUV currently for sale. If you are willing to have an SUV with having customization of an open-top car, then this is definitely for you! This beast costs about $42,000 base price; you get a 240 – HP turbocharged engine, luxury features. The most important question answered here: Should you even buy this car? Well, we suggest you think twice before getting this car for yourself. This Evoque Convertible is nothing more than just a full – size Barbie car. It’s no good as an SUV and even worse as a roadster. Simply put, this car is futile!


How about owning a two-seater, two-door SUV with compact dimensions and a removable T – Top? Does that sound crazy? Well, that is precisely what the Suzuki X – 90 was when it was first introduced in 1995. It was powered by a 95 HP 1.6 – liter four-cylinder, then X – 90 came with rear-wheel drive as standard or optional all-wheel – drive with a limited interior and trunk space.

Suzuki officially sold the highest number of cars in America and managed to sell 7,000 of them. Still, neither the buyers nor motoring press ever understood what actually Suzuki wanted to say with its model. It wasn’t an off-roader, and it wasn’t a roadster. But it was nasty and unappealing, which sealed its fate.


Cadillac made a courageous endeavor to break into the luxury EV market, but it didn’t get a good outcome as most of their customers ignored the ELR. Although the car had charismatic and luxurious looks, instead it came with a limited range and high price and strange marketing. Tragically, they also presented at Tesla at the same time, but then Tesla started producing its own more practical and cooler models.

The ELR electrified luxury coupe will offer improved performance, more dynamic driving and higher levels of personal technology for the 2016 model year. Major product upgrades include a more than 25% boost in power and torque, faster acceleration that improves 0-60 mph by 1.4 seconds, higher top speed, retuned chassis and steering for better handling, more responsive brakes and a new Performance equipment package.

FIAT 500 L

In the beginning, it looked like Fiat Scored big with its adorable and compact 500 and victorious return to the American market. Then they came up with the 500L, a car they also built on an extended 500 platform. It had the same basic design of the front end, longer wheelbase, and more interior space. In theory, it should have worked, but in actual life, it turned out to be a catastrophe. The 500L is sluggish and not unique or well equipped or practical and unappealing. It had quality and reliability issues, and the interior materials were of poor quality. Most of all, the 500 L was pricey with a base price of over $20,000